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Is your child struggling through the day? Are your nights defined by dreading bedtime and frequent wakings? Do you find yourself dreaming of having enough energy to be able to truly enjoy being a parent? It doesn't have to be that way! 

Here at Like A Dream, LLC, we believe in the power of restorative sleep that allows babies and children to truly thrive and let their personalities shine! Seeing a fussy, chronically overtired little one transform into a vibrant and happy child drives our passion in this growing field. It is our joy to help families get the rest they deserve so life together can be enjoyed by all!  

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Are you tired of waiting for your child to start sleeping well? Tired of reading countless blogs, articles, and books only to be left more confused by all of the information? Just plain tired and ready for a change?


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My daughter is now putting herself to sleep for naps and during the night... She has officially slept through the night! She has been taking restful naps throughout the day and is a much happier and more joyful baby. I cannot say enough good things about Jami and all of the help she has given me!
— Tia W.