About Me

Hello, there!  My name is Jami, and I live in the Madison, WI area.  I am a wife and mama to a beautiful 2 year old girl and our infant son who was born in January. I became a Doctor of Physical Therapy in August 2014 and worked in this capacity until my daughter was 4 months old. Although physical therapy was an interest of mine, I knew in my heart that I wanted to be at home with our baby girl. I became a stay-at-home mama, and it is my greatest joy! 

I knew from the time my daughter was born that I wanted to do my best to help her sleep well. I knew that good sleep was integral to optimal growth and development in children. Many sleep consultants get into the field because of rough experiences with their own children due to poor sleep habits. My story is a little different. My daughter was sleeping 8 hour stretches by 8 weeks and 12 hour stretches a few weeks later. Daytime sleep was another story; this girl is busy and doesn't like to miss out on things during the day. While researching and reading up on how to help optimize her daily schedule, I got lost in the information. Modern technology is great at providing information at your fingertips but also presents the difficult aspect of wading through way too much of it. In September 2016 I enrolled in the Child Sleep Consultant Certification program through the Family Sleep Institute so that I could consolidate all of that information and help other parents do the same. Our son brought a whole new challenge to my experience, as he has horrible reflux that left him screaming and unable to sleep for his first months of life. That experience has taught me so much about navigating medical challenges when it comes to sleep. Every baby truly is different! 

My desire to help others is strong; it's part of why I studied physical therapy. But my passion is children. My heart desires to bring peaceful nights and joyful days to sleep deprived, exhausted families so that they may truly enjoy these beautiful gifts! I would love to help give you and your family the relief that comes with having well-rested children! Contact me today for more information!