What ages do you work with?

Newborn-6 years.  See services page to find the package that best suits your family's needs.

Why won't you set up a full sleep plan for babies younger than 4 months?

Until this age, babies have not yet developed the appropriate circadian rhythms and sleep organization to be "ready" for formal sleep training. There are many ways to establish a healthy foundation of sleep habits, but sleep training is best saved for after 4 months when those rhythms have better developed.

What types of sleep challenges can you help with?

Frequent night wakings

Early morning rising

Short and inconsistent naps

Establishing an age-appropriate daily schedule

Nap transitions

Crib to bed transitions

Getting little ones to sleep without co-sleeping or motion

Why should I hire a certified child sleep consultant?

While the internet and technology are great resources, the sheer amount of conflicting information is overwhelming for sleep-deprived, exhausted parents. It's hard to know what will or won't help your child. By hiring a certified child sleep consultant, you will not only receive a specific sleep plan customized to fit your child's unique challenges, but you'll also have a coach in your corner to support and encourage you throughout the entire process. I will be constantly evaluating the success of the plan, making any modifications needed as progress is made, and cheering you on through every victory. You'll be free to ask any and all questions so that you can confidently guide your child to healthy and restorative sleep.

Why should I hire a consultant certified by the Family Sleep Institute?

The Family Sleep Institute is one of the first programs of its kind in this growing new profession. While most other consultants receive training in only one method of sleep training, FSI graduates have been trained in various methods in order to provide a comprehensive service to fit the needs of each unique family. As an FSI certified graduate, I have spent over 250 hours completing coursework, attending weekly seminars, providing pro-bono services to gain experience, and receiving mentorship from well-respected leaders in the child sleep consultant industry. Continuing education is also required in order to ensure we are utilizing the most current information available.

Will I have to make my baby "cry it out"?

To be clear, "cry it out" is not a method itself, and all forms of sleep training will involve some level of crying, though likely not in the way you are imagining. I will gladly discuss any concerns you may have regarding crying and the potential positive and negative effects surrounding it. With a thorough consultation and honest communication, we will find a plan that your family is comfortable with as you guide your child into healthy sleep.  

How do I get started?

See the services page to find the package that works for you. Or you can contact me via phone or email to set up a FREE 15-minute consultation to discuss options and determine if this is the right decision for your family.